An evaluation report is a detailed account of all of the factors involved in a project or activity.

Its main purpose is to communicate specific results to the interested group of people (Were the objectives accomplished? Were the proposed activities implemented? How much did it cost? What method or procedures were used? What were its strong or weak points? etc. ). It is also important to be as objective as possible when implementing and writing the report.

Evaluation reports are written most of the time, although in some cases and for certain recipients, they can be oral. Overall, professionals that implement the evaluation and write the report should make an effort for it to be clear for the recipients. For this reason, it is important to identify and understand who the report is going to.

In all projects or activities there are many people who are “involved” to greater or lesser extent. These people can make use of the reports if they are offered appropriate and accessible information. All reports should answer the relevant questions put forth by the asking public. For example, the evaluation report of a school mediation service would be different for teachers and for parents.

It is common to have various reports, differentiating between an extensive report for strictly external use and other reports that include only some of the important factors, depending on who it is aimed at. However, there are some theories that advocate for having only one report. This option, in addition to being simpler, seems to hold more weight and is more influential because there is a general agreement about the information, as only one message is bring presented. In any case, it is still important to have one report for private internal use for the people responsible for the project or activity and a public report for a larger and more extensive group of people.

For all reports, the following are some general guidelines to follow:

Now that we have established some general guidelines, these are some suggested sections to add into the report:

We hope that this post on evaluation reports has been useful for you!  Would you add any additional sections to what suggest here? Make sure to let us know and leave comment below!

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