Your curriculum and résumé are the two most demanded tools when looking for employment.

They are essentially marketing documents that people who are unemployed use to showcase their professional skills. They are documents for communication and are therefore based on what we want to communicate and to whom.

How to Write a CV

There is no ideal standard for a CV, since employers are always looking for different profiles. (For example, if a young person is looking for their first job and they already have experience relevant to the job, aside from the most essential personal information and relevant educational milestones, they should start with this experience.) The general conditions to meet are:

Evaluating a CV

Before sending off our CV, it is essential that we address the following three steps, which help check what might be missing, what might be superfluous and what might require more detail.




Online tools for automatically generating a CV

There are some great tools on the internet that help you create your CV. You just have to choose a template and then fill in the information.

We recommend:

How to Write a Résumé

The main objective of a résumé is twofold: It intends to arouse the interest of the person receiving it, and it intends to emphasise the relevant information in the CV and adapt it to the position.

Résumés should be just as important as CVs, since they show that the candidate has a particular interest in the company and the job they are applying for. It proves the ability to communicate and it is an opportunity to let the personality shine through.

Résumés should be used when answering to one of two functions:

  1. When responding to a job offer that has been published publicly.
  2. When applying spontaneously to a candidacy.

Some recommendations for writing letters are:

General Résumé Format

It is true that nowadays there are always new tips and tricks for writing CVs and résumés, but ultimately the goal is to make a great first impression on the company (whether the CV is a video, an App, etc.). We would love to know your opinions about all of the new trends in the field and whether you think they work or not!








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