Techniques for Controlling Anxiety and Anger

It is often too easy get wrapped up in difficult situations because of ill-feelings that can seriously harm our social relationships and even our personal wellbeing. This negativity may stem from feelings related to our anxiety (fear, tension, worries, concerns, etc.) or our anger (rage, irritation, etc.).

Thankfully, it is possible to confront these negative thoughts, more or less effectively, by using a series of techniques that help to stop or control our anxiety and anger. In the following section we are going to list some of the most utilised techniques, so if you are going through a difficult time in life or you have issues handling your emotions, take some notes!

3 Techniques for controlling anxiety and anger

A). Stopping thoughts: This is a simple technique for emotional control that can be used to deal with obsession and to balance out negative thoughts. It requires some practice identifying harmful thoughts and converting them into positive ones. It’s broken down here into various steps:

  • First, focus on your thoughts and identify the negative ones (wishing harm or hate towards others, guilt, etc.).
  • Then, you have to control the thoughts by giving them an order: “Enough!”
  • Finally, those negative thoughts need to be replaced with positive ones. For example: “You do this on purpose to bother me!” can be replaced with “I don’t think you realise how much that bothers me”.

B). Deep breathing: This is another simple technique that is very useful for controlling physical reactions that may appear before, during and after emotionally intense or conflictive situations. This refers to deep breathing from the abdominals and consists of:

  • Inhaling slowly and deeply for a count of 5 seconds, taking in the air to the abdominals.
  • Holding the air in for another 5 seconds.
  • Exhaling the air for an additional 5 seconds.
  • Finally, repeating this process while controlling the breathing pace.

C). Mental rehearsal: This technique is thought to help reach a state of mental security and relaxation when confronted with either conflictive or violent situations. This method consists of mentally projecting possible situations, practicing responses and reactions, and repeating the process until you feel calm and controlled.

What do you think about these techniques for managing anxiety and anger more effectively? Let us know in a comment below if you are already using some of these techniques or if you use your own method!








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