What are the main schools of coaching?

schools of coaching

Although coaching began in the United States within the sports sector, its practice as a discipline has expanded to different areas of life, from business communities to personal and professional life. Nowadays, coaching is considered a global trend and can be divided into various areas, laid out in the following sections. The four largest schools […]

Techniques for Weight Loss Based on Nutritional Coaching: Registering Behaviour

For centuries, being overweight or obese was considered a sign of good health and prosperity, but nowadays it is a serious world health problem. Using nutritional coaching as a way to help with weight loss is a form of personalised counselling or guidance process that needs to be adapted to every single client, adjusting to […]

What is Nutrition and Health Coaching?

Nutrition and Health Coaching

Nutrition and health coaching is a specialisation in the field of coaching that aims to meet objectives related to food and diet. The goal of the people interested in being coached is to obtain healthy eating habits. One of the current aims of coaching, aside from being used more in the field of personal change […]

How to Boost your Self-Confidence with Coaching Exercises

Self-confidence is how confident coachees are about the resources that they possess to achieve objectives. It is linked to motivation, so when self-confidence is high, motivation is also high; when it is low, motivation is also low. Do Not Confuse Self-Confidence with Positive Thoughts Self-confidence often gets confused with positive thoughts (affirmations like “I am […]