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Mediation is a discipline that is closely related to the concept of wellbeing. In recent years, democratic societies have obtained the freedom to allow their citizens to enjoy new levels of wellbeing. As a downside, however, the imbalances/differences among individuals generated by these lifestyles have triggered a multitude of new conflicts, and that is where the mediator plays a crucial role.

This social tendency means that currently, professionals/specialists skilled in mediation are highly sought-after, in both business and personal environments, whether in the family, school, area, neighbourhood or place of residence. For this reason, DDF has developed a Campus with knowledge specific to Social Mediation. Through our distance learning platform and thanks to ICT (Information and Communications Technology), students can acquire the necessary skills to successfully undertake the profession of social mediator.

Our Courses:

Máster en Resolución de Conflictos
Conflict Management

400 hours | Online

Máster en Mediación de Conflictos Sociales
Social Mediation and Conflict Resolution

400 hours | Online

Máster en Mediación Intercultural
Intercultural Mediation

400 hours | Online

Máster en Mediación Social e Intercultural
Social and Intercultural Mediation

400 hours | Online

Máster en Prevención y Atención de Conflictos Sociales
Prevention and Handling of Social Conflicts

400 hours | Online

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