Intrapersonal intelligence is defined as the ability to form a clear perception of oneself and to organise one’s life; it is self-awareness and self-understanding. This means that a person who has adequately developed this form of intelligence knows their inner self, which affects how they think, feel and act.

What skills can be developed with intrapersonal intelligence?

Correctly developing Intrapersonal Intelligence is associated with the development of three emotional skills: emotional self-awareness, self-regulation and motivation, each one of them with their own practical skills.

Working with your emotions and feelings, knowing and understanding how to distinguish situations that cause certain feelings, detecting patterns… are all methods of developing intrapersonal intelligence. It is helpful to first understand emotions in order to better understand how you react to them.

Some recommendations for improving practical skills for intrapersonal intelligence

Some recommendations for improving emotional self-awareness:

Some recommendations to improve emotional self-regulation:

Some recommendations for improving personal motivation:

Intrapersonal Intelligence is fundamental for psychologists, coaches, counsellors, professionals that help others, theologians, philosophers and business men and women. If you practice any of these professions, know someone close to you who does or are interested in any of these topics we would love to hear your opinion. Leave a COMMENT below!


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