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1. Introduction to Behavioural Disorders in Children
2. Intervention Techniques for Childhood Behavioural Problems
3. Managing Childhood Behavioural Problems
4. Emotional Intelligence
5. Emotional Development in Children

6. Emotional Development in Children: Managing Emotions
7. Developing Social and Emotional Competence in Children
8. Inclusive Education: Intervention at School
9. Special Education: Inclusion
10. Tools and Methods for Childcare

11. Foundations of Childcare: Ages 0 to 5
12. Techniques for Childcare
13. Foundations of Early Childhood Development
14. Early Childhood Intervention: Risk Factors, Disabilities and Disorders in Children
15. Early Childhood Development and Intervention
16. Early Childhood Intervention: Complementary and Alternative Therapies


1. Human Resources: The Core of an Organisation
2. Human Resources: How to Integrate Talent in the Workplace
3. Human Resources: Strategies for Attracting and Retaining Great Employees
4. Human Resources: Evaluation Techniques
5. Human Resources: Improvement Techniques
6. Art Therapy for Personal Development
7. Art Therapy Methods
8. Art and Art Therapy
9. Classical Artistic Techniques in Art Therapy
10. Foundations of Neuro-linguistic Programming
11. The Keys of Communication: Neuro-linguistic Programming
12. Coaching for Personal Development: Neuro-linguistic Programming
13. Techniques of Neuro-linguistic Programming

14. Cultural Management: Leading Productive Events
15. Cultural Management: Creative Leadership
16. Cultural Management: Event Planning
17. Introduction to Mindfulness
18. Mindfulness for Beginners
19. Mindful Meditation Practices
20. Educational Free Time Activities for Children
21. Free Time Activities: Techniques and Resources
22. Recreational Activities for Children
23. Inclusive Recreational Activities: Disorders and Disabilities
24. Introduction to Behavioural Disorders in Children
25. Intervention Techniques for Childhood Behavioural Problems
26. Managing Childhood Behavioural Problems

27. Foundations of Nutritional Coaching
28. The Nutritional Coaching Process
29. Tools and Techniques for Nutritional Coaching
30. Nutritional Education
31. Nutritional Coaching for Weight Loss
32. Tutoring Methods and Strategies
33. ICT Resources for Education
34. Teaching Study Skills and Techniques for Learning
35. Introduction to Music Therapy
36. Theoretical Foundations of Music Therapy
37. Overview of Music Therapy Workshops


1. Conflict Resolution: Mediation
2. Mediation: Communication Strategies and Techniques
3. Mediation: Questioning and Negotiation Techniques
4. Methods for Improving the Mediation Process
5. Elderly Care
6. Healthy and Active Ageing

7. Old Age and Society: Retirement Homes
8. Improving Communication with the Elderly
9. Programming Entertainment for the Elderly
10. Senior Fitness and Exercise
11. Maintaining Mental and Social Well-being for the Elderly
12. Social Integration

13. Planning Socially Inclusive Events
14. Socially Effective Communication
15. Occupational Therapy: Fundamental Concepts
16. The Practice of Occupational Therapy
17. Techniques and Tools Applied to Occupational Therapy

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