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Many of us consider success to be out of our reach. Sometimes when we look at successful people their status seems unattainable because they make it look natural, spontaneous and effortless. This leaves the impression that reaching their level of success would require tremendous effort for us.

Richard Bandler and John Grinder looked into what successful people do in order to excel in their respective fields, using their findings to present a new way of looking at success. They propose that mastery is something that can be learned and that we can all become successful in anything we set our minds to.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a discipline that teaches how to achieve success and excellence. Bandler and Grinder use the steps that successful people take to create a series of strategies and techniques that, when followed closely, allow us to achieve our goals. These goals can be anything from modifying behaviour, to getting rid of limiting thoughts, phobias and obsessive memories, to meeting professional objectives.


1.1 Introduction
1.2 Definition
1.3 A Brief History of NLP
1.4 The Theoretical Basis of NLP
1.5 The Pillars of NLP
1.6 Applications of NLP
1.7 Presuppositions
1.8 Laws of the Mind
1.9 Stages of Learning


2.1 Communication
2.2 Elements of Communication
2.3 How do we process information?
2.4 Mental Filters
2.5 Meta-programs
2.6 Language Meta-model
2.7 Inverse Meta-model or Milton Model


3.1 Aspects to Focus on when Working with NLP
3.2 Formulating Objectives
3.3 Generating a Climate for Change


4.1 Robert Dilts’ Neurological Levels
4.2 How to access the different logical levels
4.3 How to work with logical levels
4.4 Types of change according to logical levels
4.5 Timeline
4.6 Timeline Exercises


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