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Below are the most frequently asked questions about the educational services that we offer.
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1. What are the advantages to doing a course with ddf?

ddf offers high quality courses that are written and designed by professionals and specialists, selected specifically for their knowledge and experience in each topic. We offer professional certifications adapted to the current needs of the job market. We will always offer the most economical and worthwhile deal for our students because it is in our best interests to ensure that everyone is doing the course that is most beneficial to them. Our customer service is personalised and provided by professionals with broad experience and knowledge of the procedures of teacher and educational management.

2. Who endorses our certificates?

Our certificates are officially backed by the European Association for Distance Learning and are assured under the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, recognised internationally. They are also approved by ANCED (the Spanish National Association of Distance e-Learning Centres), which forms part of:

– ICDE (International Council for Distance Education), an NGO in the field of online, open and distance education, recognised by and affiliated with the UN through UNESCO.
– EADL (European Association Distance Learning).
– EEOS (Spanish User Association for Satellite Education), of which it is a founding member.
– CEOE (Spanish Confederation of Corporate Organisations).

3. What are the benefits of distance e-learning?

e-Learning is the only kind of teaching that allows the students to personalise their educational experience, thanks to its highly practical nature which keeps up with current times. It adapts to each student, adjusts itself to their availability, and always offers the student the possibility to choose:

  • The material that they want to learn, whether for learning or perfecting a trade or profession; for cultural enrichment; as a hobby; or as a practical approach without wasting time on superfluous theory.
  • The aim of their studies according to their needs: looking for a job; training in a particular field; excelling in the workplace; starting a business; personal growth; enhancing their CV; obtaining desired results with greater precision and speed.
  • The amount of time to dedicate to the course according to availability and personal objectives. The duration of the course itself will depend on its length.
  • Learning rhythm: The normal amount of time spent on an online distance learning course is an hour or an hour and a half each day. Nonetheless, each student determines their own rhythm according to their ability and interest and can complete the evaluations in their own time. The only thing to keep in mind is the course’s deadline.

When to contact teachers: Teacher-student communication is done through a number of different mediums: email, on the phone, through the forums, on social media, etc. Communication is maintained according to the needs of the student and of the course.

4. When can I enrol?

The enrolment forms on our site are always open and you can enrol at any time. For the courses that are posted on our Facebook page, you should make a note of the exact dates of each enrolment period.

5. How can I enrol?

You can enrol by completing the sign-up form available for each course. This can be done through our website, by phone, with the help of our staff, and through the links provided for each course that appears on social media (Facebook).

6. What are the requirements for enrolling?

There are no academic or professional prerequisites. In order for us to adapt the level of the courses to our student’s expectations, we recommend that you tell our staff what your needs are so that they can provide you with more personalised and detailed information.

7. How much do the courses cost?

We charge only an administrative fee for maintaining the platform, providing a tutoring team and personal tutors, creating and issuing the certificates, and all other maintenance necessary to keep providing high quality courses. The price of each course will depend on the programme you choose to enrol on (individual course, Member’s Programme, etc.), and will vary slightly depending on length and resources. We have a huge variety of courses with different conditions, prices and course lengths. We suggest that you have a look at each one, available on our website, and that you contact our team if you have any questions.

8. How do I pay for the courses?

The payments can be made via bank transfer, debit/credit card payment or PayPal.

9. How and when will I be able to access the course(s)?

  • You will receive your username, password and the link to the platform through the Online Secretary or via an email from a tutor. Using this login information, you will be able to directly access the modules (PDFs), exams, forums, course guide and course programme.
  • You will be able to access the course from its starting date, which can be found on the information page of each course. You will not be able to log in to the platform before the course starts. If the course has no predetermined starting date, a member of the tutoring team will provide you with the details.

10. What study method will I follow?

  • On the platform there is a course guide which contains all of the details about the course
  • Each student enrolled on our member’s programme will be assigned a personal tutor who will personally manage the student’s records and answer any questions and solve any problems that may arise throughout the course.
  • In the case of the courses that are being promoted, the student should follow the guidelines of the course guide. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team of tutors on the course forum or via email.

11. When and how can I contact a tutor?

  • Our tutors are available between 09:00 and 14:30 from Monday to Thursday, and between 09:00 and 14:00 on Fridays (Central European Time).
  • You can contact our team via our messaging service on WhatsApp and via phone call at (+34) 609 113 900 (UK) and (+34) 689 423 853 (Ireland and USA). You can also reach them via email at (UK), (Ireland) and (USA).
  • For some courses there are fixed hours for special attention; this will be communicated prior to the course.

12. How is the course content organised?

The courses are organised into theoretical modules and exams. The modules are in PDF format and contain didactic materials like videos and audio clips. There is one exam per module, and then a final exam that covers all of the course material. The number of modules varies per course. Every student has three attempts to complete the individual module exams, and one attempt to complete the final exam.

13. What will my certificate prove when I finish?

  • You will receive an accredited certificate for the course that you completed. This will be in a digital format and will state the content of the course, skills acquired, course length in hours, and final grade. It demonstrates that you have completed a specialised course in the chosen topic.
  • It will contain an electronic signature and stamp, as well as a unique secure verification code. These abide by Law 59/2003 on electronic signatures and are legally, professionally and academically valid. The unique code can be used by individual, company or institution to check the course’s validity.

14. How can I keep up with news, promotions and course offers?

The best way to stay informed is through social media (Facebook UK, Facebook USA and Instagram), through our website, or by contacting us directly via email or message. We also have accounts in Spanish on Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn.

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