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Master en Coaching para el Desarrollo Escolar

Improvements in health and lifestyle have led to an increase in life expectancy. This means that there is a need for professionals who can pay quality attention to the elderly using a model that focuses on the individual. Since people are living longer, they should be given the opportunity to live their later years to the fullest.

The main objective of the Elderly Care and Entertainment course is to provide theoretical and practical training in the field of gerontology that prepares for different types of elderly care. It pays special attention to the area of entertainment and activities, since the spaces that were previously overseen by healthcare professionals—because elderly people were simply seen as people who needed access to healthcare resources—are now open to the reality of a participative society; a society for all ages in which specialised activity coordinators for the elderly are coming progressively to the forefront.

      Duration: 200 hours

   Personal Tutor

   Format: 100% Online

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