Cookie Policy


Cookies are text files on a webpage that a web server stores or saves on the user’s computer or electronic device. The user is understood to be the physical person who accesses the website.

Cookies can store information about the terminal equipment or browsing session when a website is accessed, as well as the sites that are navigated. In this way, when the user returns to the website, the server reads the cookies to facilitate and configure browsing, establish or recuperate the user preferences, and personalise advertising through the websites. If a user does not allow the use of cookies, certain services or functions of the website may not be available to the user.


In accordance with what is outlined in article 22.2 of the Ley 34/2002, 12th July, of the Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y el Comercio Electrónico (Law of Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, or “LSSI”), DIVULGACIÓN DINÁMICA S.L. will only use devices for storage and recuperation of data (“Cookies”) when the user has given their prior consent by accepting it through the pop-up window that appears on their browser when they access the Portal for the first time, and in accordance with what is indicated in DIVULGACIÓN DINÁMICA S.L.’s Cookie Policy, with which all users should be familiar.

Once the user has consented by accepting the cookies, and while said cookies are maintained on the user’s computer or electronic device, it is understood that the user’s consent will be maintained for any later access to the website, and that the user will not have to consent to the use of cookies each time they access said website. The user can retract their consent at any time by deleting the cookies used on the website and by disabling the use of cookies on their computer or electronic device, in which case the user will be informed that certain services and content may be limited and that they will not be able to gain access to them.


The user of the website can configure their browser to enable or disable cookie storage and delete these cookies from their computer or electronic device at any moment, or when logging out or closing the browser.

The settings for enabling, disabling or deleting cookies can be configured on these popular browsers using the following links:

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge:





* DIVULGACIÓN DINÁMICA S.L. is not responsible for the modifications made to the links by the different companies in charge of these browsers.

For more information about the configuration of browsers and enabling, disabling or deleting cookies on computers or electronic devices, users can go to the Help section in their browser’s toolbar.


In compliance with what is outlined in Ley 34/2002, 11th July, on information society services and e-commerce, the user is informed that the website uses types of cookies that expire (get deleted) when the user logs out, that remain for a concrete amount of time, and/or that remain (are persistent).

Source Cookie Expiry Description Type _ga 2 years Cookies used by Google Analytics to analyse, investigate or create statistics with the goal of improving website experience. Additionally, through the use of these cookies, more relevant information can be shown to the visitors. Third party
_gat Session
_CONSENT 12 days Their main use is to identify the number of visits, time period of hits, the browser used to access the website, the key words used, the location of the visitor, the content viewed on the website, and other parameters of website traffic. This is always anonymous.
_NID 6 months from creation or modification dnt Persistent A cookie that allows Twitter functions to be installed on our website so that a Twitter user can share content when logged in. Third party
guest_id Session Twitter uses this cookie to verify and track site references for “microblogging”. The Twitter user is identified.
kdt 6 months A cookie that allows us to install Twitter functions on our site in order to share content on our Twitter account.
pid Session Allows us to install Twitter functions on our website, like identifying the user on Twitter, or the possibility of sharing website content through the user’s Twitter. Whether this cookie is downloaded depends on whether the user is logged in on Twitter at the same time as accessing our webpage.
Remember_cheked_on Persistent Cookie that allows us to install Twitter functions on our website in order to share content during the Twitter user’s logged-in session.
metrics_token Persistent Serves to visualise the activity of the Twitter profile. __smSmartbarShown Session A cookie used for SumoMe, a tool that facilitates spreading commercial communications and allows the user to easily share content (articles and images) from the Website. Third party
__smToken 1 year
__smSessionId 1 day
Divulgación Dinámica (DDF) cookie_notice_accepted 7 days This cookie remembers if the message about cookies has been accepted in order to prevent it from appearing again. Own

You can find out more about the cookies that belong to the third parties and about their usage policy, as well as how they use personal data, on their respective official websites.


In accordance with what is outlined in the Ley Orgánica 15/1999, 13th December, on personal data protection, the user is informed that the personal data gained through the use of cookies on the website, the possible identification of physical people through the use of cookies on the services utilised by the user or those that said user accesses on the website, or the configuration that the user’s computer or device maintains, will be responsible for how DIVULGACIÓN DINÁMICA S.L. uses them in order to facilitate and improve navigation on the website analyse the visits on said site. In the case of other entity’s cookies (third party cookies) being used through the website, the third party entities will be responsible for the use of the user’s personal data for the purposes determined by said third parties. The user who accepts the cookies when accessing or navigating the website, without rejecting or deleting said cookies, will be consenting to the collection and use of their personal data for the aforementioned reasons. The user who does not consent to the use of their personal data for the aforementioned reasons should delete the cookies and configure their navigator to not allow the storage of cookies on their computer or electronic device. The user can exercise their Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition rights to their personal data used through the cookies owned by DIVULGACIÓN DINÁMICA S.L. by contacting the company at the following address: Avda. Blas Infante nº6, 5ª Planta C.P. 41011, Sevilla, Spain. The information that should be provided is indicated in the subclause on Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition in the Legal Notice and Privacy Policy of the website


The user can find more information about the cookies used on the website by the owner of said website by sending an email to For more information about third party cookies used on the website, the user can direct themselves towards the owners of these third party cookies.