How to Use Fonts Efficiently

Typography, or font, refers to different styles or types of lettering that we can use to make a design. For example, anyone who is accustomed to using Microsoft Word will be more than familiar hearing about fonts like Arial, Comic Sans, Times New Roman and even Impact to name a few. By default, every computer […]

What is Psychological First Aid?

Psychological First Aid (PFA) is a modular and communicative approach to provide assistance in the immediate aftermath of a disaster or traumatic event. It involves evidence-informed techniques that aim to reduce stress and foster short and long-term adaptive functioning. After the first 72 hours they are no longer suitable and a more specialised psychological intervention […]

Conflict between Parents and Adolescents

Adolescence is the transitional period that individuals go through between their childhood and when they become adults and can be characterised by important physical, psychological and social changes. Adolescence has always been considered a conflictive stage of life (1) and it is undeniable that in adolescence there are conflicts produced by the changes mentioned above. […]

The Prisoner’s Dilemma: Attempting to Define Conflict

If we asked different people, what is a conflict? , we would most likely get various definitions, in the same way that different subject areas provide different perspectives and insights. Nonetheless, almost everyone seems to agree that a conflict involves certain aspects like an argument, problems, competition, different viewpoints, different needs, etc. Even though when […]

What is social exclusion and how does it relate to poverty?

Nowadays, there is no consensus on the definition of social exclusion, even though it is related to terms like poverty, inequality, inability to adjust socially, segregation, marginalisation, among others. However, there are certain factors that differentiate it from other terms. When referring to social exclusion, those who are marginalized do not have access to or […]

Bullying: Differences Between Active and Provocative Victims

The factors that can be considered criteria or clichés for victims of bullying can be either the causes or effects of the bullying itself. In this way, when a person feels defenceless it leads to a risk situation which may lead a person to be a bully or be bullied. However, based on what causes […]

The Most Important Factor of Socialisation

Socialisation is the process of internalising the norms and values of society that every person develops based on their surrounding environment. As a result, each person tends to lean toward certain preferences, habits, etc. and develops their own behavioural patterns and individual character related to the society that surrounds them. The way environmental norms and […]

Equity and Inclusion in Education: The new OECD report


The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is made up of 35 states and works toward coordinating the social and economic policies of those member states and toward international cooperation strategies, paying special attention to education. Given the growing inequality that is occurring in education within the states that comprise the OECD, the institution […]