How to Use Fonts Efficiently

Typography, or font, refers to different styles or types of lettering that we can use to make a design. For example, anyone who is accustomed to using Microsoft Word will be more than familiar hearing about fonts like Arial, Comic Sans, Times New Roman and even Impact to name a few. By default, every computer […]

Body Language: What Do Crossed Arms Mean?

Body language, together with tone of voice, form part of what is called non-verbal communication. This method of communication uses gestures as well as body and facial expressions and movements to transmit emotions and thoughts. They are usually subconscious which means that they can reflect a person’s emotional state. Within the broad field of body […]

The Benefits of Music during Pregnancy

At a music conference organised by UNESCO, the world famous educator and musicologist, Zoltán Kodály, responded to the question “When should music studies begin?” by saying “nine months before birth”. Afterward, he restated his response by saying “nine months before the birth…of the mother”. Playing music during pregnancy is currently thought to play an important […]

Can We Learn to be Happy?

According to different research studies, close to 50% of all differences between people’s levels of happiness depend on a fixed range or a set reference point, in other words our biology or genetics. These studies also showed that only 10% of discrepancies in levels of happiness can be explained by differences in life circumstances: being […]

How to Write a Good Summary

A summary is a reduced form of a text that is expressed in one’s own words and should contain all of the essential information from the original text. Writing a summary is one of the most important key study techniques because it can be useful for memorising and reviewing information. It also helps to practice […]

What photos can I use for my website or blog?

Nowadays, it is essential to use eye catching images for websites, blogs and other types of posts on the internet because they seem more attractive to potential viewers or clients. This is all made easier by the amount of information available through Google and other search engines. Moreover, there is a common misconception that any […]

Advantages of Emotional Intelligence for Organisations

For many years, emotions have been practically ignored in the business world because success has commonly been valued by performance, how well your CV is prepared and work techniques. Nowadays, these are not the only requirements for landing a job. The current work environment can be characterised by being highly competitive and pressuring employees for […]

Styles of Attribution and Self-esteem

Attribution is understood as the interpretation or explanation that each individual makes about the causes, motives and/or reasons behind an event, feeling, belief or behaviour. Many authors have related attribution to the motivational forces that push each individual and can even influence their self-concept and self-esteem. The self-perception that each person has about themselves or […]

What is Intrapersonal Intelligence and how can I develop it?

Intrapersonal intelligence is defined as the ability to form a clear perception of oneself and to organise one’s life; it is self-awareness and self-understanding. This means that a person who has adequately developed this form of intelligence knows their inner self, which affects how they think, feel and act. What skills can be developed with […]

11 Keys to Effective Nonverbal Communication

Through understanding aspects of achieving effective nonverbal communication we can complete and clarify the information that we give to others and we can better capture and maintain the listener’s attention. Nonverbal communication is a way of expressing ourselves through interacting with another person without using words, thus bolstering verbal communication. Even subconsciously, we use gestures, […]