Why Do We Age?

Ageing Ageing is a normal life process which all human beings must go through sooner or later, whether they want to or not. Ageing not only affects an individual physically but also psychologically and socially. There is no doubt that most of the time physical changes are the most visible and pronounced, as they start […]

Why do we give up on the gym so quickly?

There are numerous studies showing that the knowledge that physical activity is good for your health is not a decisive factor for people in actually being physically active. Most people relate exercise to being healthier, and yet most of us are sedentary. Similarly, statistics show that 25-30% of people abandon their fitness routines in the […]

Control your anxiety with abdominal breathing

Hyperventilation and Anxiety One symptom of anxiety may be hyperventilation which is characterised by excessive, intense or fast heavy breathing. In reality, hyperventilation, or overbreathing, is the body’s way of adapting in risk situations and can also be experienced when exercising. When we are in danger or if we are exercising, hyperventilation helps to increase […]

What is Cognitive Reserve?

If two people were to suffer from a stroke of the same extent and in the same location, it would seem logical that the impact would be of a similar severity. However, this is not always the case so, what does the impact depend on? The explanation for why some people who are the same […]

What are Eating Disorders?

Eating disorders are mental illnesses that originate from different factors such as biology, psychology, family, culture and society. These illnesses are characterised by extreme behaviour to lose weight, avoid gaining it or even binge eating large quantities. Eating disorders are considered behavioural disorders as they are fundamentally psychological. Although the external symptoms appear as abnormal […]

Insight and Mental Illness Awareness

One of the biggest challenges for diagnosing, evaluating and treating mental illness comes from a lack of awareness or insight. Typically in these patients, there is a lack of motivation for change which leads to them rejecting the reality of their situation. When patients reject their reality, it not only delays correct diagnosis but also […]

Techniques for Controlling Anxiety and Anger

anxiety and anger

It is often too easy get wrapped up in difficult situations because of ill-feelings that can seriously harm our social relationships and even our personal wellbeing. This negativity may stem from feelings related to our anxiety (fear, tension, worries, concerns, etc.) or our anger (rage, irritation, etc.). Thankfully, it is possible to confront these negative […]