How to Use Fonts Efficiently

Typography, or font, refers to different styles or types of lettering that we can use to make a design. For example, anyone who is accustomed to using Microsoft Word will be more than familiar hearing about fonts like Arial, Comic Sans, Times New Roman and even Impact to name a few. By default, every computer […]

What Does Human Resources Mean?

In general, companies and organisations are driven by a series of elements which, in economics, are called Factors of Production. These factors vary in type such as raw materials, energy resources, machinery, human resources, etc. Each factor is important to a certain degree according to the activity and the technology used. However, there is one […]

How to Write an Effective Email to Students: Criteria and Key Components

One of the most effective communication tools that a tutor can use is their email. Email is still considered relevant in the technological world today but it can be used most efficiently if it sticks to these requirements: Formality: This refers to maintaining the appropriate level of formality in the tutoring emails. It involves using […]

10 Types of Clients and How to Attend to them to Make a Successful Sale

Different people perceive purchasing in different ways as motivations, wants and needs vary from person to person. Although unrealistic, this diversity is what would compel companies to create products and services with as many modifications as there are people. Said differences need to be combined with the realistic possibilities of attending to the client. A […]

How to Correctly Use a Full Stop, Comma, Colon and Semi-colon

The use of punctuation is not meant to be followed simply because that is the rule; however, it should not be used at random either. Punctuation marks are essential for organising information to communicate ideas according to their value, in other words they help to organise a text and influence the narrative flow of what […]

How to Write an Evaluation Report

An evaluation report is a detailed account of all of the factors involved in a project or activity. Its main purpose is to communicate specific results to the interested group of people (Were the objectives accomplished? Were the proposed activities implemented? How much did it cost? What method or procedures were used? What were its […]

How to Write a Curriculum Vitae and Résumé

curriculum vitae

Your curriculum and résumé are the two most demanded tools when looking for employment. They are essentially marketing documents that people who are unemployed use to showcase their professional skills. They are documents for communication and are therefore based on what we want to communicate and to whom. How to Write a CV There is […]