How to Use Fonts Efficiently

Typography, or font, refers to different styles or types of lettering that we can use to make a design. For example, anyone who is accustomed to using Microsoft Word will be more than familiar hearing about fonts like Arial, Comic Sans, Times New Roman and even Impact to name a few. By default, every computer […]

What Does Human Resources Mean?

In general, companies and organisations are driven by a series of elements which, in economics, are called Factors of Production. These factors vary in type such as raw materials, energy resources, machinery, human resources, etc. Each factor is important to a certain degree according to the activity and the technology used. However, there is one […]

Alternative Methods to Resolving Conflict

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a general term that is used to describe the formal and informal procedures that fall outside of the category of traditional conflict resolution mechanisms. In order for alternative methods to exist, there must first exist primary or main methods (or at least methods that are most commonly used). The strategy […]

Defining Intellectual Property

If you were to create something that was an original idea of yours and you considered putting it under protection, you would need to take into consideration whether it is intellectual or industrial property and whether or not there is a difference between the two? What is intellectual property? Intellectual property is a blanket term […]

What is Psychological First Aid?

Psychological First Aid (PFA) is a modular and communicative approach to provide assistance in the immediate aftermath of a disaster or traumatic event. It involves evidence-informed techniques that aim to reduce stress and foster short and long-term adaptive functioning. After the first 72 hours they are no longer suitable and a more specialised psychological intervention […]

How to Correctly Use Punctuation Marks

Almost everyone has doubted, at least once in their life, where to put a comma or a semi-colon or where to put a full stop when using quotation marks. In this post, we hope to provide you with a few simple explanations and examples for you to use punctuation correctly when writing. If you first […]

How to Write an Effective Email to Students: Criteria and Key Components

One of the most effective communication tools that a tutor can use is their email. Email is still considered relevant in the technological world today but it can be used most efficiently if it sticks to these requirements: Formality: This refers to maintaining the appropriate level of formality in the tutoring emails. It involves using […]

10 Types of Clients and How to Attend to them to Make a Successful Sale

Different people perceive purchasing in different ways as motivations, wants and needs vary from person to person. Although unrealistic, this diversity is what would compel companies to create products and services with as many modifications as there are people. Said differences need to be combined with the realistic possibilities of attending to the client. A […]

Press Release: What Is It and How Is It Made?

A press release is a written document used to inform the media about a certain topic, person or product. It is sent to different media outlets to then be communicated and broadcast to the rest of the population. The first step to creating a press release is to have a clear idea of what you […]